Multi-cloud and hybrid environments have become the gold standard for business agility globally - and the banking & finance sector is no exception. However, when it comes to data security the space is still nascent with rapidly evolving security standards and architectural patterns.  

Bottomline - The traditional perimeter-based security as we know it is not adequate in the new cloud-world order.

The complexities around global and regional compliance combined with the bid to secure and process sensitive client data create a complex setup that’s often prone to data blindspots that are easy to exploit. The need of the hour commands Data to be the focal point of security initiatives and not fluctuating environments.

Join our experts, Rob Soh, Sales Engineering, Abhinav Nagpal, Regional Sales Manager, APAC and Aroop Menon, Product Marketing as they walk you through the nitty-gritty of how the Banking & Financial Services sector can enable pervasive, scalable, and dynamic security across clouds with Fortanix.

We will discuss:

  • Cloud migration and its impact on data security and compliance within Banking
  • The resulting security challenges- Why the traditional data security framework may not be adequate?
  • What's required - The must-have data security capabilities for Banking
  • How has Fortanix supported Banking organizations on their cloud migration journey?