Due to the bearer nature of tokens, Web3 businesses have unique security requirements. Once you lose control of a token, there is no point in trying to recover it. Secure wallet seed and key management practices are crucial for Web3 businesses. Not only should wallet seeds and keys be created and used securely, but quorum-based access control over wallets is necessary.  

Join our speakers, Shashi Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer - Fortanix, Pralhad Deshpande, Senior Solutions Architect - Fortanix, Faisal Faruqui, VP Solutions Engineering - Fortanix, and Jaydeep Korde, Co-founder and CEO – Launchnodes, as they discuss enterprise-grade confidential computing powered next-gen security infrastructure for Web3. This infrastructure provides strong protection against insider and outsider threats by not only protecting secrets but also critical business logic that interacts with the secrets.