In this Report you will learn about:

  • Data Security Governance: Employ data security governance principles by focusing on sensitive data protection and privacy , conducting , deleting unnecessary data, and consolidating data silos, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud, to ensure project alignment with business objectives.
  • Minimize Data Security Vendors: Minimize the number of encryption vendors, where possible, to simplify key management operations by leveraging multiple products from a single vendor that can be applied to multiple data protection use cases business objectives.
  • Crypto Operations: Focus on establishing the operational configurationof an EKM deployment that address access, backup, long-term storage and crypto-agilibilty, and start with default vendor settings rather than initially focusing on the "bits and bytes" settings business objectives.
  • Apply Crypto to All Data Protection: Develop a formalized EKM process that is applicable to all data protection use cases to simplify operations, minimize cost of ownership and reduce the overall risks to data security and privacy.
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