John wyss - VP Product

John Wyss

Vice President Of Products



Pawan Khandavilli

Product Manager, Confidential Computing



Realizing the full potential of AI is possible only if critical issues like data privacy and secure use of private information are addressed. And for most organizations within heavily regulated industries like healthcare and BFSI, large portions of such data remain out of reach due to privacy concerns. For example: obtaining sufficiently large and meaningful clinical-trial data sets for training and predicting healthcare treatment outcomes is often challenging as it is governed by privacy regulations like HIPAA. Unlocking the full power of private data can only be done in a highly secure trusted execution environment.  

Introducing Fortanix Confidential AI-The first and only solution that allows data teams to make use of relevant private data, without compromising security and compliance requirements, and help build smarter AI models using Confidential Computing. Fortanix Confidential AI also provides similar protection for the intellectual property of developed models.  

In this webinar our speakers, John Wyss, VP Product Management and Pawan Khandavilli, Director, Product Management introduce you to our new solution, Fortanix Confidential AI, that is characterized by highly secure infrastructure that is fast and easy to deploy. 

The webinar would cover :

  1. Challenges of using private data in AI 
  2. Regulations and Data privacy concerns in industries like Healthcare and BFSI 
  3. What are the limitations with traditional AI solutions? 
  4. Introduction to Fortanix Confidential-AI  
  5. Walkthrough of some of the AI project use cases 
  6. Product demo 


Webinar starts on:

Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021
9:00 AM PT | 5:00 PM BST

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