Did you know that one in six organizations in the ESG survey said that more than 40% of their SaaS-resident data today is sensitive, and this is expected to nearly triple to 45% of organizations in 24 months?

These are just some of the many insights that ESG uncovered in its recent survey of survey of IT, compliance, DevOps, and cybersecurity professionals.

Presented in an easy-to-read whitepaper, the report addresses some of the most pressing questions in the cloud data security landscape:

  • Are organizations using separate data security controls for on-premises and cloud environments? Do they plan to unify this protection in the future?
  • How much of organizations’ sensitive data is cloud-resident today, and how much will be in 12-24 months?
  • How are organizations identifying and classifying sensitive data? How confident are organizations that they have the necessary tools in place to discover and classify all their public cloud-resident data?
  • And many more
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