Organizations of all sizes and across industries are on a digitization spree, globally. “Cloud first” has become the mantra, and perhaps the most strategic initiative in today’s IT environment, with more than two-thirds of businesses leveraging cloud services in one way or another. Also, of the petabytes of data coursing through public clouds, almost 71% is considered "sensitive," and governed by privacy regulations, according to a recent report by KPMG.

Protection of sensitive data with encryption and separating the encrypted data from the keys is a very important security best practice. With this in mind, Google has partnered with Fortanix to deliver “External Key Management” to help organizations leverage the full power of trusted, cloud-native collaboration – while ensuring full control over their data.

Join Sunil Potti, SVP, Google Cloud, and Ambuj Kumar, CEO & Co-founder, Fortanix, as they discuss how External Key Manager (EKM) can help elevate data privacy, sovereignty, and compliance in the cloud. Also joining the conversation will be Raj Jagesar, Project Lead, University of Groningen, one of our marquee customers, who will share best practices to secure sensitive data and meet compliance in the cloud.

What you will learn:

  • Data protection + compliance concerns: What are we hearing from customers?
  • Security framework in the cloud to meet the complex compliances – Separating keys from data
  • Google and Fortanix: Better Together
  • Learn how our customers are meeting compliance challenges with Cloud EKM