With a wave of new data privacy regulations introduced across Asia in the second half of 2021, we are witnessing a major shift in Asia Pacific (APAC)'s data privacy landscape*.

More and more organizations are moving their key applications, data, and workloads to the Google Cloud. A lot of this data is subject to regulatory controls, making data privacy an urgent and pressing issue. As a leading cloud platform, Google provides unique, cloud-friendly tools that preserve IT agility and increases data security. Google External Key Manager (EKM) is a powerful tool to keep your most critical data always secured and under your control.  

Join Fortanix experts – Nils Westman, Sales Engineer, APAC, and Ted Hendriks, Head-Sales Engineering as they introduce Fortanix External Key Management for Google Cloud Platform to highlight how to navigate the complex world of APAC compliance.

This webinar will provide insights into:  

  • The complex world of privacy regulations in Asia Pacific countries 
  • How Google External Key Manager helps get greater control over cloud data to meet compliance 
  • See Fortanix Data Security Manager for Google External Key Management in action