How can organizations secure data in a multicloud environment, and use in AI modelling, as an example, while also preserving the privacy and compliance requirements? 

Confidential Computing provides the much-needed solution. Confidential computing or, the protection of algorithms as well as the data while computing will be the default requirement for data privacy and the future of AI modeming in the not too distant future.  

In this webinar, join Richard Searle, Vice President, Confidential Computing Solutions, Fortanix , and Glen Otero, Vice President of Scientific Computing at The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) as they discuss the role of Confidential Computing in securing data and AI.

The webinar will cover :

  • The importance and benefits of Confidential Computing in securing data and AI.
  • Some real-world use cases where Confidential Computing can be applied 
  • TGEN Case Study: Securing genomic and clinical data with Confidential Computing
  • Fortanix Confidential Computing technology