With the increased proliferation of privacy regulations and compliance requirements, Tokenization has become a critical security mechanism to secure data within databases, payment cards, mobile wallets and SaaS applications.

Regulated industries deal with vast volumes of digital data, which now more easily flow across regional or national boundaries. Security teams and developers face the challenge of balancing the fluid data flows with strict privacy and security regulations in these industries like GDPR, APRA, PDPA, SOX, etc. And most regulations have come out with clear specifications for safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information using Tokenization. Organizations can use tokenization to solve several loopholes within their security apparatus and have better risk management in place.

Join our speakers Nils Westman, Sales Engineer, Vanessa Kyte, Sales Director and Aroop Menon, Principal PMM, Fortanix, as they explain how organizations can adopt Tokenization to secure PII. They would also delve into the industry-first data-centric architecture offered by Fortanix to secure data, wherever it resides.

This webinar will give you insights into: 

  • Data privacy challenges within hybrid multi-cloud.
  • Why Tokenization could be the game-changer for securing PII.
  • What's required while evaluating a Tokenization solution?
  • Overview of Fortanix Tokenization solution.