Web 3.0 brings with it a host of unique security risks. To meet the data security challenges within the Web 3.0 space, Fortanix has launched a new suite of tools that leverage the unique capabilities of Fortanix Data Security Manager™.

Join Fortanix experts – Richard Searle, Vice President, Confidential Computing, and Pralhad Deshpande, Senior Solutions Architect as they present to you Fortanix’s revolutionary Secure Web 3.0 Infrastructure solutions and elaborate on how they solve the most pressing security challenges in Web 3.0.

This webinar will give you insights into: 

  • Security challenges with Web 3.0 
  • Some common pain points for B2C Wallet Providers, Validator Node Operators, and Staking Platforms. 
  • Confidential Computing powered Fortanix Secure Web3 Infrastructure Tooling
  • A walkthrough of the Secure Web 3.0 tools