Migration to multi-cloud has enabled Banking and Financial organizations to improve their agility and drive innovation with new-age technology and advanced data analytics.

But the cloud also raises complex questions about compliance as processing sensitive client data is subject to regulations that can drastically vary between regions and countries. As these organizations scale, it is critical to ensure that sensitive information is protected and meets these compliance requirements.

Is your financial data security ready to meet the challenges of digital new-age banking and cloud adoption? If not, here’s a whitepaper that can help you explore the much-needed capabilities to solidify your financial data security.

In this whitepaper, you will learn about:

  • Technical and security challenges for financial institutions in a multi-cloud world
  • Why the traditional data security approach may not suffice?
  • 5 must-have capabilities for maintaining compliance and data security within Banking and financial services
  • Why Fortanix and how it's helping some of the leading Banks with their data security?
A Guide to Data Security in Finance